Internal Claims

If you as a California business owner find yourself — and your significant assets — vulnerable to losses due to potential lawsuits and creditor interference, you should know about the importance of internal and external claims, as they affect control of the company and daily operations.

Internal claims are filed by creditors seeking control of assets of a specific business entity such as a corporation. A company that owns commercial property, for example, when a slip-and-fall accident occurs on that property, will need to protect its corporate assets during legal action because it technically did not cause the injury.

You can be ready for situations like these, thanks to the attentive advice of experienced Newport Beach business asset protection attorney Jeffrey M. Verdon. The Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP, provides strong counsel and valuable concierge services for an exclusive corporate clientele in Orange County, Silicon Valley and nationally — and has for more than 30 years.

The Fusion of Planning and Protection, Benefiting Your California Business

Mr. Verdon thoughtfully, proactively advises on asset protection tactics such as distinct business entities, the roles of internal and external claims, and preservation of commercial property assets. He is an author, lecturer and recognized authority on the subjects of lifestyle protection, legacy protection and comprehensive estate planning for an upscale audience.

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